People Who Earned a Code

I made a post before, but this will be the page for the list of people who earned a code. It’s easier to find and to update.

Here’s the current list:

  1. Kaylan BRUHlinh – $5 amazon
  2. mtsh8e8a – ??? (undecided)

I might be getting a code for the winner of the giveaway (There’s many links around the blog, so I didn’t need to put another one.), and that would be a $10 Karma Koin code for you to use on Fantage. Please enter the giveaway! By the way, the 6 entries option is cancelled.

  • Let me know if I told you that you will get a code, since I do forget often. Please include your Fantage or WordPress username and a link to the post with the comment so I know if I offered you or not.
  • Be sure to leave an email address here, so I know who to send the code to.

I will be creating activities and mini-giveaways so you have a chance to get your own code (I will pick the amount of money in the card). I do not have standard for posting the activities and mini-giveaways, but follow this blog to find the most recent activities/mini-giveaways. If you want to earn your own code by yourself, then feel free to use my referral link ( to try out for yourself. Have any questions? Ask me here, in Fantage, or by email (no spam, please).

~ Mimy