Info for Commenting

I feel like I should be telling people WHERE to comment because some comments were not related to the post that was commented on. It somewhat bothers me to see a comment in spam because it was on the wrong post. Here’s a partial list of posts/pages and the kind of comments I expect to see.

  1. Giveaway/raffle posts – questions or actually entering for the giveaway/raffle
  2. QTW submissions – questions about the QTW or for a QTW
  3. Request for an item’s info – questions or comments about the item (prices, advice, styling, etc.)
  4. Signup to do the Bingo Grid for me – questions about the signup or actually chosing months to do the grid for me
  5. event posts – questions/comments/concerns relating to the particular event
  6. FFN news – comments/questions about the news topic
  7. edits (page) – comments/questions about the edits

Be sure to be on topic, or the comment may get removed and/or get marked as spam.

Everything else, such as…

  • Comments and/or questions for the blog in general
  • Comments and/or questions about Fantage
  • wanting to chat with someone
  • needing help in Fantage
  • needing help for blogging

… will need to be commented on the page titled “Need Help?” (the former title was “Fantagians’ Chatting Room”). Be sure to leave a kind reply and to mention who you want to comment with.

All comments MUST be in English, but commenters do not need to know the language because there’s online language translators you can find.

~ Mimy

Feel free to leave a Topic-Related Comment and/or a Question.

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