Free Accounts

This page here will be a list of free accounts anyone can use. Just comment your email address and the account you want (username). I will be creating them with email addresses, so it’s not likely to change passwords (don’t worry about that). I will be playing each account until they reach level 30, then they’ll go up to be requested for. Also, on each account’s buddy list is my main account, but you can edit the list if you’d like to.

♪♪♪ All accounts here are publicly available on request. ♪♪♪

  1. heriame29

~More will be added as they are created and reach level 30.~

NOTE: Please comment your email address and the account number so I can send you the password for the correct account. If you want to buy one from me, I am currently selling 2 accounts (one girl and one boy) and the prices are decreased to $1-5 (final price). If you want to buy a better account from me, then that one (my second one) will be sold for $10 (final price). All those accounts you can buy are created in 2013. Please pay with Visa, Karma Koin, amazon, or PayPal. Send your payment(s) to my Fantage-only email address, so I can send you the password. Thank you. ~Mimy