Fantage Wonderland

Hello! I might make a new game called “Fantage Wonderland” and it would be based on Fantage. The good parts? Vintage Classics, Vintage Gold, and Trade ‘N Sell are all there and ALL limited items can be bought with Stars (PMs can use on anything, but nons can use on non-PM items), eCoins (everyone can use), and Gold (everyone can use). There will be an Exchange Centre (my building) where you can trade items for another item (the items you need for trading will be listed for you to know). There are only two restrictions: you can only trade for an item with the same type (hair, board, top, etc.) and all items (traded with and traded for) must be either Starred or Coined. For example, if you want one Movie Star Hair (Starred), then you must trade with ## of Starred hairs.

I also wondered about the one-time events. I designed a building to house all the past and current Fantage events. The building is called Everlasting Events (because the events last forever) and in it, there will be floors for every single year (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016). On those floors, there will be another room for each event (Flower Catching, The Return of the Puppies, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Prom, Graduation, etc.). In each of the event rooms, you can max out your event medals, buy all the limited items with Stars and eCoins (and Gold) [there is also a package discount and a save-when-you-buy-all discount], earn the prizes, and hangout with all your friends! Another thing is that you will find a floor for User-Inspired Items and Limited Edition Items (both are hard to find, so I put both on the same floor) located in the Lobby. What about the prices of the event items? The prices will be lowered slightly to the prices I think are best for equality (nonmembers will be happy about this). Some event rooms will be closed at a certain time, but you can still access the other ones. A fact about Everlasting Events is that it is similar to MyMall with all those floors and rooms (it makes it easier to find the events).

If anyone is wondering how to get Gold in Fantage Wonderland, you just play games. There will be some games that give out Gold in addition to Stars as a reward. Some games are really simple, so the reward is Stars, but the challenging ones give a reward of Gold and Stars. Also, every time you login for a week, you get 2500 Gold. Sounds about right, don’t you think? What about the Gold in my account in Fantage Wonderland? Will it go into my Fantage account? Everything you earn in Fantage Wonderland will be in your Fantage account. You just need to have a Fantage account to access Fantage Wonderland.

Another thing, all the other stores (Le Shop, Stellar Salon, Loco Boardz, etc.) and buildings (Hall of Fame, Star Cafe, Clubhouse, etc.) will be there. All buyable items from the Trendsetters’ List will still be in the stores (meaning, the items are not removed from the catalogs in the stores.). The best part is that all items are available to be bought (with Stars, eCoins, and Gold as mentioned above) straight from the list at sometime during the year (may or may not be during the time the corresponding event room is open).

Fantage Wonderland is where the Wonders (eCoins, past event items, maxing out medals, etc.) of all the Fantagians come together. I really do support the nonmembers, so this game is definitely for them. It would also be an App for iPad, so that makes it available almost everywhere.

This game would take many months (or a few years) to complete, but feel free to contact me if you want to help. The game should be in multiple languages (other than English and Spanish), so more people can understand and play. If you have any idea or art, you can also send me them.

~ Mimy

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    1. Thanks. I thought that others (especially nonmembers) would like the idea of being able to buy whatever they want with Stars, eCoins, and Gold.


        1. Aw, thanks for your interest. I really do need help, since I’ve never created a game before and this Fantage-based one (which allows everyone to play with their Fantage accounts) is complex.


            1. Well, as I’ve said/commented before, I do need help with creating the game since I’ve never done it myself. I haven’t learned coding yet, so that makes game creation complex for me.


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