2018 Unicorn Adventure – Part 2

Part 2 has just arrived, and some of you may have gotten the items and possibly some levels. Just like the other years, you will need to wear a certain item to be able to go to the land of the unicorns from the unicorn bridge. The portal to the bridge is at the far … Continue reading 2018 Unicorn Adventure – Part 2

Happy Easter!

Hello. Fantage has come back with a past event, so you should know how it's like. You can find more info about how the event works by logging on or by searching for 2017's or 2016's Easter event. There's also a surprise to the event. During the event, until April 3 at 11:59pm FST, you … Continue reading Happy Easter!

New Limited Edition Items, Ski Themed

Hello everyone. First Limited Edition post! I just want to point out this particular Limited Edition set because it's created for the Winter Olympics, which is in PyeongChang (South Korea). Even the board has the South Korean flag. Interesting how there's Limited Edition, followed by 2 events (V-Day and Chinese New Year), then another Limited Edition. … Continue reading New Limited Edition Items, Ski Themed