Week 12/18-12/25 Bingo Grid

Hello. I have seen the grid and it's not too hard. Boxy takes time, especially with a computer that does not cooperate. Fashion battles can be done with a friend or another account (which is the best option). Getting 350 in Snack Tac Toe is easy as long as you win 3 rounds and tie … Continue reading Week 12/18-12/25 Bingo Grid

Bingo Grid 12/11-12/18

Sorry I posted this late... Anyway, here's the grid for this week. Try your best at playing each game for the needed score and just play some games ## of times regardless of score. For Treasure Hunters, do the exclamation mark (looks like and upside-down lowercase "I") and for Wild Racer, do Addition I. For … Continue reading Bingo Grid 12/11-12/18