Picture Time!

Here's a few pictures I have kept, since these I wanted to. My other ones were usually of me or a crowd of people, so they're not much to look at. ~Group Pictures!~ Well, that's all I have to share. Finding time to organize these were complex because of time zone difference and schedule conflicts. … Continue reading Picture Time!

What Would Your Username Be?

Remember Fantage Legacy? They will be allowing people to register sooner or later, so be the first ones to do so or you'll have fewer options for your username. I have nothing to worry because I'm not changing mine. So, what will you pick? Or are you staying with your current one? Comment them here, … Continue reading What Would Your Username Be?

Did You Know?

Some items, especially hairs, are similar to other items. Removing/adding add-ons, recoloring, and combining parts are sometimes noticeable in items. Here are some obvious and less obvious examples of girl items: Cucumber Hair (the new event hair) is the same as Kitty1929's Brown Ponytail, but recolored and parts are cut off. Grecian Sandals is the … Continue reading Did You Know?