Bingo Grid Sign-up Months

I’m posting this here because you would be able to see the available months for signing up for doing Bingo for me. The rules are posted on Sign-up for Doing the Bingo Grid for Me (the title makes it obvious for which post to look at). I will be updating this page as more people sign-up and months go by. Please sign-up on the original post. This is only a reference for which months are available. If you need help, then please comment here or send an email to me.

Sign-up on the original post (one person per month, first-comment/come first-serve based rule):

October 2017: mtsh8e8a
November 2017: mtsh8e8a
December 2017: mtsh8e8a
January 2018: mtsh8e8a
February 2018: mtsh8e8a
March 2018: mtsh8e8a
April 2018: –CLOSED–
May 2018: –CLOSED–
June 2018:
July 2018:
August 2018:
September 2018:
October 2018:
November 2018:
December 2018:
January 2019:
February 2019:
March 2019:
April 2019:
June 2019:
More coming soon…

I’m allowing people to sign-up by email, but only with certain conditions:

  1. Only Fantagians without a WordPress account.
  2. Subject line must be “Bingo Grid Sign-Up” or something similar.
  3. Must be sent to me only ( no “CC” or “BCC”, only “To”).
  4. No attachments (no pictures, videos, links, etc.). Only plain text.


You can signup here to help me level up some medals. You will still need to do the Bingo Grid, but you can also do some extra things. Those are excluded from taking care for my accounts, because I will not be able to play for a number of days (and I cannot check on my accounts), while for this, I will also be on. If you signup (ON THE ORIGINAL POST), please let me know the times you will be playing, so we will not be on at the same time.


ALL MONTHS AFTER JUNE ARE CLOSED, SINCE FANTAGE IS CLOSING ON JUNE 30 (LAST DAY OF JUNE). All future months (July 2018 and after) will be opened, IF AND ONLY IF, Fantage remains open after June.

~ Mimy

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