Welcome to Fantagians Forever! On this blog, you will find giveaways, art, event posts, and more. Describing everything would take a while, but feel free to use the search bar on the right.

The posts are categorized by type, so event posts are in the “Event” category and news are in the “News” category. There are also QTWs, but there is no “QTW” category at the moment. The “Events” category is for events that happen in Fantage, the “Fantage” category is for all-things Fantage (obviously), and the “News” category is pretty much important Fantage-related things (Fantage changes, hacking, etc.). There is an “Uncategorized” category for anything that is for the blog. The “Bingo Gird” category is newly added and more Bingo Grids will be posted there.

The pages are simple, yet complex. There’s the “Home” page, where you see all the posts, the “About” page, where you would find information about the blog (this page), and a few other pages (more may be added). The “Fantage Wonderland” page is simple/hard to understand, but it’s basically my idea of a “perfect” Fantage. There are pages for “How to Level Up” (medals, number of levels, and a short description of how to get/level the medal), but the page for nonmembers will need to be added sometime sooner or later. More pages may be added if  the need arises.

~ Mimy (Owner)