Stunning News: Putrid Privacy

Hello. I’m back again, but with some info regarding Google and privacy. Also, I used “putrid” in the title since privacy had been _________. You might understand why I used that word with “privacy” after reading this post. And here is a snippet of the article and where to find the full version.

A top Senate Democrat is calling for tough legislation to protect consumer privacy — and for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate — after news that Google did not disclose that a security bug exposed the private data of up to 500,000 users.

“Today’s report confirms that Google’s claims to value consumers’ privacy seem like nothing more than empty talk,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), who is sponsoring a data privacy bill, said in an email. “Google must explain its unwillingness to disclose this breach and the FTC must conduct a fulsome investigation. But to truly end this cycle of broken promises, we need a national privacy framework that protects consumers and empowers the FTC to hold companies accountable.”

Google discovered and fixed the security vulnerability in its foundering Google social network in March, just as Facebook was coming under fire for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. And reports that company officials decided not to disclose it in part because executives worried about drawing scrutiny from policymakers landed like a bombshell in Washington.  It’s clear that while Google has so far managed to avoid the kind of grilling Facebook and Twitter faced from lawmakers seeking to zero in on Silicon Valley’s privacy and data use practices, those days are over.

The full version is at The Cybersecurity 202: Google faces calls for privacy legislation, FTC probe after exposing user data. Credits to Washington Post for the information.

There are many more news articles about this, so I recommend reading as many as possible. It is a real-world issue on the Internet that many people don’t know about.

Have you figured out or are you able to guess what “putrid” means after reading? If not, feel free to consult a dictionary.