It All Comes to an End…

I think it’s time to put this blog to an end, after having lots of things going on. I’ll still keep this blog up and the ONLY future things you can (and should) expect are raffles and giveaways, along with more ticket earning opportunities.

I will still be on WordPress, but on a different site, which will not be released yet, and I will be around here to manage comments and entries (and a few other things), since I’m not deleting this blog.

It’s been awhile since Fantage closed, so it’s probably time to end this blog, but this will remain if you still want to look at some past events. I think after Fantage closed, there have been more spam comments, so I still need to figure out that situation, but that has lessened for a few weeks so far (but it might rise up again in the future).

To let you all know, I will be posting less, since the feed/reader/whatever-you-want-to-call-it has been crowded with many non-Fantage things, all in the “Uncategorized” category. Anyway…

It’s about time to end this post and the stream of non-related Fantage posts, so you can still find them easily. (There is still the “Fantage” category in the sidebar, so look for that if you can’t find any Fantage posts.)

Signing off, Mimy.

4 thoughts on “It All Comes to an End…

  1. Not too many wordpress bloggers that used to blog are still around. Most of them have moved on to other things but I am still around even though I’m not on wordpress as much since Fantage ended. I have a suggestion for you. Maybe you could do a life or a game blog. I am planning to do a AJ blog under a different name and website but something like that. Plus I’ve been wondering do you know any cards to use for Animal Jam membership? I really want to do my own channel but I need membership. They added a new feature if someone with membership says you invited them you can get membership for free. If you are okay with doing that grateful in advance.


    1. I don’t think a life or game blog would be interesting, since there’s not much to say. Art would be more interesting and it’s not the typical art display. It would be more of a shop with art tutorials for the online program I use.

      You would continue to play AJ? And yes, there is a free week of membership, if you referred someone with your link AND they bought membership. Also, you could find AJ cards in some stores (there should be a page/section for that on the site).

      As for the last sentence, what are you referring to?

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      1. I was guessing that someone who had membership and was on the game for a while could say their friends username to help them get membership without paying. I want to ask if you want to help me by doing that if you have membership but it is all right with me if you don’t. I am looking for what cards I can use to get real membership if that doesn’t work for me. Do you know which cards I can use?


        1. Well, that only works during registration… Once someone uses your referral link to register and they buy membership, you get one free membership week. If the person you want to refer already has an account, then you cannot refer them. For example, you want to refer me, but I already have an account, so you cannot refer me unless i make another account. You would then be able to get a free week of membership if I buy membership for that second account. But since I don’t have a second account, I cannot get you a free week of membership and you cannot refer me. (I don’t know if that explains it better, but if it doesn’t, then please ask.)
          As for the cards, you will need to find AJ cards to buy membership, but you could also use a credit/debit card (ex: VISA, MasterCard) to pay for membership.

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