PayPal Account Issues

I figured since they probably won’t let you change your name unless you provide documentation, which I definitely want to skip, so I might be recreating my account and deleting my current one. These are things I might do, depending on the situation.

  • create temporary email address to use as the primary, so I can remove the current one and create a new account with it
  • change the account name and avoid sending documents

The first option is my backup and I’m currently testing the second one.

I’ll be providing another update in a few days to see what I have to do about this issue. But for now, please hold onto your money (unless if you can send them via email). I will also be editing Commission Time! to have correct information, if I need to.

Thank you.

~ Mimy

One thought on “PayPal Account Issues

  1. Looking back on this, the first choice is the best choice (the second does not make much sense now), which I did use. I have already deleted the account (twice, apperently) a few months ago, but I might be making another one in the future.


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