Follow-up on Odd Usernames

I have to say this post is a follow-up on Something Odd I Found… because of the usernames of accounts that liked some comments. I’m copying some text on that post, as it’s pointless to re-type it for a follow-up. Anyway, here’s what I mean.


What I want to point out is what I marked in yellow.

Reason of oddity/strangeness:

  1. all of them look like links, not actual usernames like the ones posted in the Comment Spammer Notice posts
  2. weird how all have the same form, which looks like “id[random assortment of numbers].[random assortment of letters].[website/xyz]
    • all start with “id” and a random mix of numbers
    • they either end in “.xyz” or “.website”, which most-likely cannot be trusted as those are not commonly known domains like some “.com” ones
      • Do not dare to try to advertise your link on my blog by commenting (there are no other options available like submitting forms) so it can be considered as trusted. That would be advertising, annoying, and will make your website more un-trustworthy.
  3. there’s only 8 views for today (as of the time this post is shared) and there’s more than 8 different usernames

What can be expected:

  1. spam comments
  2. the accounts to be owned by one person (or a group)
  3. these are probably un-verified WordPress accounts

NOTE: I didn’t include the profile pictures as those are irrelevant and they make the image file size bigger.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the IP addresses (like for the other spam comment-liking accounts) so I can’t give definite information, but I can say that the IP addresses have probably been reported for Ping of Death, Blog Spam, Hacking, and/or Web Spam (or something similar) on for WordPress-related problems.

I don’t share my notifications (except for blog updates), but that doesn’t mean your username will be hidden/unknown. If it’s really odd like the ones above, then I will post a picture of my notifs for all to see. This blog is not a forum/community for all things in general (everything that does not relate to Fantage).

At least there were no spam comments to report, although commenting is allowed for everyone (non-WP users and WP users alike). Commenting on posts can be done within 7 days (one week) of posting. All pages have commenting closed, except the ignored Need Help? page which has commenting open forever.

~ Mimy

4 thoughts on “Follow-up on Odd Usernames

  1. I do know that WordPress has been tampered with before, considering the fact that some IP addresses of spam comments were reported for messing with WP’s servers.


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