The True Last Post of This Blog

I have to say this WILL BE the last post instead of some comment spam notice, but here’s a few things to say as the posts will stop appearing.

Fantage is ending soon, but luckily, my 6th anniversary is before that. So that means that I played Fantage for 6 years and 1 month. I will try to host a get-together, probably on the last server, and we can get some final pictures before being disconnected (unless if you want to find me in Animal Jam).

Also, I will try to make more outfits and get pictures of my pets before the second week of June. Fortunately, school is done, so I have lots of time. I’m thinking about putting all my outfits into one picture and making a background out of it. Too bad that I didn’t collect all my wishlist items for my outfits…

I know the end is saddening, but I am giving away a free $10 Karma Koin card that I was hoping to use for Fantage. Please comment if you want it or if you want to give it to someone. If you want to get your own free card, please visit LootPalace to get started (feel free to ask me questions).

As for commenting, that will be disabled by June 1st. This blog will then be an informative blog, but you still can comment on the Need Help? page after then.

Anyway, a few other posts you should take a look at are Apparently… and Thank You~.

I will not be quitting blogging, and I have been thinking about creating two blogs. One for my life and the other for my fandom. You can still chat with me there, though.

Thanks to Fantage, my supporters/followers, my buddies, and other cool people I met during my time on Fantage.

✿ Thank you everyone ✿ 謝謝大家 ✿ Gracias a todos ✿ Σας ευχαριστώ όλους ✿ 皆さん、ありがとうございます ✿ 여러분 모두 감사 합니다 ✿ Merci à tous ✿

And now…

Signing off, Mimy (mimy2788).

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