Comment Spammers Notice – Part 2

Apparently, there’s 20 more spam comments, so this would be a follow-up of Comment Spammers Notice. The comments are the same, but not the usernames (same format, though), IPs, and email addresses). I guess I will have to close ALL comments BEFORE June 1st. The ONLY place comments will be allowed is the Need Help? page. I will be making a post to follow-up on the $10 KK card and a few more things.

Now, let’s get back to the comments. (I’m copying the format as the other post, since they’re the exact same thing: duplicate spam comments.)

Here are the pictures of the comments and relative email addresses and corresponding IP addresses (at 75% view).


Here’s the list of IPs (in order), the corresponding country [I’m a bit suspicious about this], what they are reported for, and the number of reports (if reported already):

  1. (Austria) — known for Hacking/FTP Brute-Force/Email Spam, reported 4 times
  2. (Israel) — known for Web App Attack/Brute-Force/Phishing/Port Scan/Email Spam/Hacking/Exploited Host/Bad Web Bot/FTP Brute-Force, reported 68 times
  3. (Egypt) — known for Brute-Force/Web App Attack/Email Spam/FTP Brute-Force/Hacking, reported 22 times
  4. (China) — not reported yet
  5. (China) — not reported yet
  6. (China) — known for Brute-Force/Web App Attack/Port Scan, reported once
  7. (Korea) — known for Port Scan/FTP Brute-Force/Hacking, reported 3 times
  8. (Bolivia) — known for Port Scan/FTP Brute-Force/Hacking, reported twice
  9. (Korea) — known for Brute-Force/Web App Attack/Port Scan/Hacking/Email Spam/Phishing, reported 27 times
  10. (Brazil) — known for Brute-Force/SSH/Email Spam/Web App Attack/IoT Targeted, reported 17 times
  11. (China) — known for Brute-Force/SSH, reported once
  12. (Argentina) — known for Brute-Force/Email Spam/Port Scan/FTP Brute-Force/SSH/Hacking, reported 25 times
  13. (China) — known for Brute-Force/Web App Attack/Email Spam/Exploited Host/Port Scan/SSH/Hacking/Spoofing/DDoS Attack/IoT Targeted/Bad Web Bot, reported 172 times
  14. (Turkey) — known for Brute-Force/Email Spam, reported once
  15. (Vietnam) — known for Email Spam, reported once
  16. (China) — known for Brute-Force/Email Spam/SSH/Hacking/Port Scan, reported 17 times
  17. (Mexico) — known for Brute-Force/Email Spam, reported 7 times
  18. (Hong Kong) — not reported yet
  19. (Brazil) — known for Brute-Force/Email Spam/SSH/Hacking/Web App Attack/SQL Injection/Exploited Host, reported 13 times
  20. (Brazil) — known for Brute-Force/Web App Attack/Email Spam/FTP Brute-Force/SSH/Hacking, reported 21 times

Credits to for report information.

Results: 85% of IPs have been reported before

Here’s the list of email addresses (in order) and if they can be found somewhere online (yes=found online, no=not found online):

  1. — no
  2. — yes
  3. — no
  4. — yes
  5. — no
  6. — yes
  7. — yes
  8. — no
  9. — yes
  10. — yes
  11. — no
  12. — yes
  13. — yes
  14. — yes
  15. — no
  16. — yes
  17. — yes
  18. — no
  19. — yes
  20. — no

Results: 60% of email addresses can be found online

NOTE: Usernames are not important when compared to the email and IP addresses.

NOTE 2: These accounts may or may not be verified WordPress accounts.

I apologize for those who want to read about Fantage, but this is the kind of stuff bloggers don’t mention often. I know that this (and some other posts) is/are unrelated to Fantage, but its related to this blog.

NOTE: I am not promoting anything, especially not emailing the addresses above and on Part 1. Please avoid that for safety, but you can share them wherever you want and/or you can create a fake account and spam them to get a reply from them. Who knows who they really are, until you get emailed by them. To avoid emailing, you can simply report them to the abuse departments of the domain (example: you would report to You may look up the email addresses (on this post or in Part 1) to find some information about them. You may be surprised at what you find.

~ Mimy

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