…Fantage is closing on JUNE 30, 2018. Welp. There goes all the chances for free gift cards and everything I planned for the future. And the art and other stuff. I’ll keep the blog, though. For this week, there is a farewell event and you get prizes for logging in daily. I somehow missed the one for 5/17 (the first day of the event) since I was on at the time. Probably because the event changed after I logged out. Anyway, the prizes include items and Gold. Seriously. Gold in the last 1.5 months as a gift. By the way, since Fantage is closing, all apps and the purchase page are closed. Everyone gets free membership for the last month and all previous recurring memberships are cancelled. Here is the event for this week (May 17-23).

Farewell Fantage.PNG

I’m kinda regret working hard on my account and spending about $1500 on the game. It was my first game, and yet they’re closing. Let’s look at the history to see the hints they gave of their closure.

The change of stores, specifically Trade ‘n Sell, Vintage Gold, PM Boutique. The stores got replaced, one after the other, symbolizing that nothing is permanent.

The Spanish version (and other language versions) closing. This foreshadows that the English one will also be closing like the other language versions.

Fantage Game Cards are not sold in stores anymore. I can guess that Fantage might be having a hard time getting all the payments together.

The creation of MyMall and Gold. Fantage must have been needing more money, so they created Gold and MyMall in attempt to fix that (more purchases = more money).

DDoS attacks and Fantage being temporarily closed. Fantage had issues with unknown people messing up their system, which resulted in the game being temporarily closed and that sends a message that Fantage might be unprepared for similar events.

Now that we remember some foreshadowing, let’s look at what’s to come in the near future. MyMall prices will go down, since Gold cannot be bought anymore and items are near-worthless. You might see an admin in Downtown (most-likely in the first server), which people have posted pictures of.

Now that Fantage is ending, I will not need my Fantage-only email anymore. I don’t know if I want to delete a saved folder, just for Fantage stuff, but I’ll keep it in case if needed. (Time to screenshot all my items soon?) I will still be in touch with everyone, specifically via email, so feel free to contact me there. I don’t feel like moving onto Animal Jam, even though I have an account, since it’s not as good as Fantage. Well, I will still keep this blog, in case if anyone needs to contact me and do not have my Gmail. If you do, then we can chat or email, as you wish.

Thanks and Farewell to Fantage.

~ Mimy

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  1. I might as well take pictures of all the outfits I made and use them for profile/background pictures. The outfits are too perfect to be unused/forgotten.

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