Congratulations from LootPalace

I just got enough points for a $10 Karma Koin, which I just ordered. I will be using this code, but I will still get codes for those on the list of people who will get a code. Want to be on the list? Try out some of the blog activities. If you are confused, a code is what you find on a card, but you will need to use a coin to reveal it so you can use it. Anyway, every time you order a code, you will be redirected to the Congratulations page which says that your order has been submitted. Don’t worry if the page looks messed up, as they are still fixing the layout of some pages.

Apparently, on the Congratulations page, you will see this picture. How interesting…
Excited dogs jumping in mid-air

LootPalace is my current and the most actively used free rewards program and is used to get cards for Amazon, PayPal, Karma Koin, etc. of various prices for free. You can join me by using my Real Referral Link. Creating an account is free, and you can message others via your profile. I have provided some advice about the offers on How to Get FREE and EASY Points (After Using My Referral Link to Join), but you can ask me here (on any related posts), on LP, or possibly on Fantage via chat and/or memo if you need help.

~ Mimy