Best Buyer Rankings for Last Week

Apparently, the Best Buyer rankings updated and turns out that I was slightly better than the last update, which I mentioned on Weekly Best Buyer Ranking for Last Week. My ranking now? I’m now in 123th place, compared to the 124th place that other time. I have no clue how that happened, since I spent less Gold this time and got a higher ranking.

Hmmm… Maybe because people didn’t use as much Gold as the other week, so I got a higher ranking although I used significantly less Gold. How much Gold? 189k Gold for Arrow Accessory. I was debating over Arrow and Winter Green, both at the same price and both were coined, but I got Arrow Acc. because, for one reason, the price probably won’t go down anymore (even though it was at 132k Gold for Starred in the past).

I bought one item and got 123th place. Last time I got 4 items and ended in 124th place. I used 189k for last week, and about 230k for the week before. Huh.

Anyway… Well, there’s nothing else I have to say, but if you want Arrow Acc., then please find it in MyMall.

~ Mimy

One thought on “Best Buyer Rankings for Last Week

  1. After buying Arrow for 189k, I saw prices below that. If I waited longer, I would’ve bought it for 150k and saved 39k for something else.


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