Fantage’s Changes and How It Affects Fantagians

Well, I found gianna4125’s blog and this post. for the win! This post was pretty accurate, and I could even type a poem for the post I shared.

Fantage’s Changes
Fantage is changing,
And problems are rising.
Members are lucky,
And nons need to pay a fee.
The prices are to high,
And the poor can only cry.
In hopes of Gold,
The risks cannot be foretold.
Downtown is a mess,
And the game is like chess.
MyMall was designed,
And the users resigned,
But little do they know,
They do have a foe.
Outfits are revised,
And the simple ones are not advised.
For the popular items are common,
And the retired are uncommon.
Fantage makes things with no regret,
But did any Fantagian forget
That they are part of the community,
And they have an opportunity
To become rich and legendary.
So Fantage causes a revolutionary,
Designed just for the members,
So the rest must remember
That Fantage needs more money,
Like bees need more honey.

~ Mimy

Fantage has changed a lot over the years. Here’s why.

via Fantage has changed. For the worse? Who’s fault? Why? How? — Fantagian


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    1. Not really. I reshared the post from, but I don’t think Fantage could replace that (unless if you see people acting out Romeo and Juliet in downtown). Nice idea though.


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