The Conclusion / La Conclusión / La Conclusion

I will be ending all postings on this blog because it seems out of date and it's kinda messed up with a few random posts. I know it's been awhile, since 2015 this blog has been up, so I want to say thanks for those who had some engagement with this blog. I ended multiple … Continue reading The Conclusion / La Conclusión / La Conclusion


Free Gift and Game Cards

Random post, but related to a few previous ones... If you want to get gift cards for shopping or game cards without spending money (or asking anyone else), you could try out LootPalace. It's a site where you can earn points to trade for gift/game cards when you get enough. You can visit the site … Continue reading Free Gift and Game Cards

Attention All G+ Users

I know this is random, but... Google+ will be closing in 10 months due to a small bug and Google not doing anything about it (and keeping it secret since March)... More information at: No one's perfect, but you could be better. But not Google... **cough, cough** security/data breach not dealt with properly … Continue reading Attention All G+ Users